Our goal

Quality and Safety are never complete secured by comprehensive Management Systems and Process control alone. Always the Human Factor plays an important role to achieve the Quality & Safety goals we go for.

Today Lifelong Learning is a very important issue for all existing and future professionals  including the professional educators to stay competent.

Technics and IT go’s as fast as the internet and it’s a challenge to get everyone motivated to stay competent for their actual or future job.

The instrument “Personnel Certification” gives unique possibilities to get industry and educators on line for a “sustainable future”.

Together with important stakeholders we have developed training and test / Certification programs for many professions .
With 15 year experiences in developing of technical & service related competence profiles for Certification of professionals (100+ different job tasks), we can support you by development of clear and valuable certification schemes for own- and sub contracted professionals.
Developments will be based on the International accreditation standard for Personnel Certification the ISO/IEC 17024.

"Human Factor Management"
Actual competences and needed behavior in relation to the profession, plays an ever growing role of importance for achieved results.
By using the possibilities of the "Instrument Personnel Certification", strongly related behavior aspects easily can be integrated as part of the Certification of those professionals.

Today’s jobs:
- Transformation of Job tasks / Job descriptions into new Personnel Certification schemes.
- Improvement of existing Personnel Certification schemes.
- Development of 'Lifelong Learning" programs //

- EU AGORA Lifelong Learning "Ambassador”
- DNV GL Authorized examiner for "Composite pipe" professionals
- Project consultant for ISO/IEC 17024 Accreditations

- Project manager for Approved Contractor personnel programs

-  Development of systems for implementation Personnel Certification in private or  governmental QA/QC organizations.



*EXTENZO BV is a strong beleiver of the added value by development of personnel certification schemes according the International accreditation standard the ISO/IEC 17024.